August 18, 2014


Let's talk 'collections' people.  I like to collect things...typewriters, vintage dominos, brass apples, just to name a few.  There is something so charming and whimsical about having a grouping of 'something' whatever that may be.  Human toenail collection?  Whatever floats your boat, I guess. :)  Here are a few curated collections that I fell for:

What do you collect?  Nothing?  Pick something and start hunting and gathering for it.   It's good for your soul :)

August 14, 2014

pictures of life lately...

Here are just a few snippets from the past week or two :) 

August 11, 2014

Wahclella Falls...

Hello all!  The kiddos and I headed to Wahclella Falls on Sunday morning for a little adventure and a picnic.  Wahclella Falls is by the fish hatchery and Multnomah Falls about 30 minutes outside of Portland.  It was nice and warm, and although the hike isn't exactly kiddo-friendly, we made the 1 mile hike in and enjoyed the waterfalls and trails.  This is one of those places that you simply cannot believe how close to the falls you actually can get (we could feel the water drips on us). 

Hope you all had an adventurous weekend wherever you may be :)

August 9, 2014

style me pretty...


Karen O. who beautifully shot our wedding renewals last year submitted the photos to 'Style Me Pretty' and it was featured!  Quite a fun surprise to us and it was fun looking at the pictures again. Karen did a fantastic job and the day wouldn't have been the same without her!  Check out the post here. 
Hope all is well with you and yours!  Sorry for the delay of posts lately but we are working out, eating right, and spending as much time outside as possible...doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging.  But, I promise to catch up soon! :)

July 30, 2014

Why is it when you are dieting, the best looking foods come across your radar?  Seriously.  We are doing family pictures at the end of August, and I really wanted to get to my "ideal body" before that time, so Jeremiah and I have been really watching what we eat and participating in the 21-day Fix program.  We are on workout #4 and it. is. killer.

I gave up all my favorite things...chocolate, root beer, and laying around doing nothin.  It hasn't made a big difference yet, however I lost the Twix bar and cola weight.  But that only gets you so far, so that's where the workouts come in.  Its gone well, and since Jeremiah and I are doing it together, we can keep each other accountable.  Also, Meg does a good job of barking at us when we pause to rest or catch our breath.  Damn dog.

Anywho, all these beautiful foods are coming across my Pinterest boards and I needed a little inspiration to get to the end of August AND these foods are that for me.


July 21, 2014

berry picking...

On Saturday morning the kiddos and I met up with Hannah and her little darling, Lilly, at a local berry-picking farm.  We have actually never done it before (and it showed) but we left with some jam, 2 containers of Raspberries and Marion berries!  We were sweating and whining, but all in all it was a great morning spent with great friends!

The funny and wonderful thing about Lilly is that when we found out that Hannah was having a daughter, we joked around that Lilly and Maddux would eventually get married.  Funnier yet, they share the exact same birthday!!!  Meant to be, I think so :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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