April 16, 2014

Cabinet, anyone?...

So, I definitely have the "builder-bug" after the headboard so now I am moving onto a large project that is probably WAY over my head.  I work at a molding, mill work, and door company which supplies anything you could really need to remodel your existing home or build a new one!  Now that I am more comfortable in my role, I have a little more time to learn about all the products that we offer.  I didn't really know what was all available (all the doors, mill work and molding types, railing, shelving, mdf...).  The world of this stuff is endless!  I built the headboard from all products I got at work, and with a nice little employee discount available it makes it a little easier to take on new projects.  

So,  when I saw a few interior doors in the trash pile at work my wheels starting turning.  I snagged them up before I even had a plan, and then got 4 more :/  I know, I am a little nuts.  So, in our garage right now I have a half-finished kitchen table and 6 doors.  Yikes!  

My plan is to make a few cabinets (3 sets of doors and each set is unique=3 totally different cabinets!!!)...I am sure one of them will fall over, and one will lean, so hopefully by the third one we will have a winner!  They all need major prep work and obviously a bunch of materials, but I think they will be some good summer projects.   Here is some more inspiration I gathered up:

Any advise on this?  Have you ever worked on anything like this before?  Email me at: ladybirdandfellow@yahoo.com.  Thanks!!

April 12, 2014

kitchen table (before)...

I stumbled on this table for $25 at the local Union Gospel Mission store and snagged it up quick.  I thought the legs were awesome but it was in some need of major work.  Silly me, I put our old kitchen table on Craigslist and it sold within 12 hours so as of now we have no table in the kitchen so we've been having a lot of meals at the dining room table or alfresco.  :)

I already have it sanded and primed, but I thought I would share these awful before pics.  I won't be able to finish for a few more weekends, but I am excited to move it into the kitchen. 

Have a great weekend!

April 3, 2014


Hi friends!  I am sorry for being so absent lately but I have felt a little "burned out" and just wanted to spend some time reconnecting with Jeremiah and the kiddos on all these beautiful days in Portland.  There have been some sleepovers, baseball games in the cul-de-sac, park visits, dog training classes, an impromptu brunch at our house on Saturday for 10 friends this past Saturday (yikes!), and countless other things at work and school.  All is wonderful, but just thinking about our spring plans is making me tired.  Here is a list of all our spring happenings:
  • Jeremiah's birthday in a few weeks :)
  • We have booked a Seattle vacation with the kiddos that includes trapeezing, a Mariners game, and a whale-watching boat tour
  • Jeremiah just had his 1-year anniversary of his cancer surgery so we intend to party when he gets the all-clear
  • We are doing some fun updates to the kitchen and I already bought our kitchen table that is going to need some work...to say the least
  • Kiddos and I are going on a little road-trip in a few weeks to Ashland to spend the weekend
  • We get to see the twins this weekend at a breakfast so we can shower them with some 1-year-old birthday presents (hard to believe its already been a year!)
Plus, regular work-life for both us is crazy right now and there is no end in sight.  I am not complaining...just very tired and in the need for my major weekend nap!

Hope you are doing well and enjoying this lovely spring (wherever you may be)!

March 26, 2014

bookshelf madness...

I just love a great bookshelf, don't you?  I think spring is the perfect time to brush off those dusty book jackets and re-work a bookshelf space and create a whole new look.  We only have 1 bookshelf in our home, but I constantly re-work it (for 2 reasons: #1:  I suck at staging things.  #2: I like to change things up.  Often.  I may have a deep-rooted issue.)

Here are some more bookcase beauties to get your blood pump'n:

March 24, 2014

jump around...jump around...jump up jump up and get down...

Hello!  We are just having a blast on spring break and wanted to share.  Hope you are having a blast too wherever you are.

March 20, 2014


We are so excited that design*sponge chose to feature our guest room in their latest 'Before & After' insert.  We were thrilled when they contacted us :)  We love design*sponge and luckily we have been featured on there before for Maddux's room makeover.  Thanks to Maxwell for working with us and guiding us along in their new format!!  Check them out for wonderful inspiration and great how-to's :)

March 18, 2014

a someday store...

I was very fortunate to work at great retailers throughout my career (Anthropologie, UrbaneZen, and a cute children's store called Goodnight Room) and I always admired the store display windows.  Who doesn't, right?  Well now that I work at a non-retail job, I find myself noticing them even more and longing for those creative juices again.  I always hoped to have a cute brick and mortar store when I was young (and didn't know any better) but every spring when the colorful and creative window displays start popping up again, I can't help but let my mind wander off in that direction again.  Aren't they dreamy?

Happy spring hunting!

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